I'm bizack! So now, I've decided that I'm going to chronicle the experiences I have with dudes that approach me. Partly because I want to remember these stories, so that if I ever have a son I can put together a, "For God's sake, don't say crap like this to a woman you're interested in" manual. Plus, the stories are just plain funny. Some are a lil creepy though...I've posted most of them to a message board I'm a member of, so I think I'll just go back and copy & paste to here. Here's my most recent story to start things off!

So, my friend and i decided to go out last Friday night...dinner, drinks, and a nice lil club that just opened here.

As we were leaving,we were trying to avoid this dude who was lightweight stalking us earlier that evening, and we almost ran right into him.

I grabbed my friend, and we started looking for another way to escape (lol). Unfortunately, a couple of dudes thought we were looking at them, and they came over. Sigh. 

One of them is okay. He's talking to my girl about his job and seems like a pretty normal guy. I heard something about asbestos (shrug). The other dude is literally INCHES from my face, begging me to come to his graduation next week. Um sir, I don't know you. However, he didn't try to touch me or harass me for my number, so he's tolerable. I just have to lean backwards for my personal space.

Out of no-bleeping-where, another guy runs up and BITES ME ON MY SHOULDER. Like, there's saliva on my shoulder. My girl and I are both in shock for a sec, then this fool tries to do it again! So i grab my friend's hand, and we literally run away.

On the creep-o-meter, I give Too Close dude a 5. And I give Biter a 9. The only reason he didn't get a 10 is because even though that shyt was nasty, I wasn't afraid for my life. But I do have some 10 stories coming later...

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