As pledged black Greeks, we are annoyed by an influx of people into our respective organizations who don't have a "love" for it. We complain, we wonder what can be done to change this, we wish above ground pledging could somehow make a comeback.

So, I don't understand it when I see men and women say that if their kids don't pledge whatever org they're in, they won't support it. Just because you're an XYZ, doesn't mean your kid will be drawn to it. And if you force them to try and become a member of your org (and they get in), you've just contributed to yet another person who doesn't have the love, but is a member.

Personally, I'd be proud of my daughter, no matter what org she pledged. It'd be particularly appropriate if she became a Delta *smirk smirk smirk*. But seriously, if my daughter felt for another org what I feel for mine, I'd be behind her 100% (or son, lol).

Maybe that's just me...

Some Christians make Christianity look bad.

Today on facebook, I got lightweight ridiculed for asking a question I didn't know the answer to about Christianity and it kinda pissed me the heck off. (People who know me know that angry Kim is very rare.) If you're curious about the entire discussion (and you have me as a fb friend), here's the link:
I really could go on a super rant about ol' dude in particular, but I guess I won't...
I cannot stand stuck-up, pretentious, so-called Christians. Our whole religion is supposed to be about love and kindness and teaching, but when folks come seeking knowledge, they get discouraged in one way or another.
Now, I'm not talking about questioning the existence of God or anything like that...most of my questions and thoughts deal with traditions of the church or faith in action (the power of prayer, etc.). But apparently, some of the things I may ask are "Sunday School 101" and I should delete them...hmph. How am I supposed to learn and grow if I don't ask? And I bet when people have stupid, foolish, superficial stuff in their fb status, you don't tell them to delete it.
/begin rant
If I have something serious in my fb status, don't come on my page being an ass. Contribute something worthwhile or keep your fingers still...then wanna talk about, "I'll be the bad guy if it gets a conversation on this started..." Go away with that martyr crap! You took away from the meaningful convo! You didn't add to it!
/end rant
Sorry. I couldn't help myself, lol. I do feel better though...
At any rate, I reckon (:-P) I'm not supposed to ask questions about religion on my fb page. Fack that. I enjoy reading other people's thoughts and opinions about various subjects (as long as they're coherent and understandable). I think if people were more open to having calm, rational discussion, we'd all learn a lot more.

A Racist Mascot?

Apparently, there's some huge controversy going on about completely eradicating the University of Mississippi's mascot, Colonel Reb. This mascot was "retired" in 2003 (which I didn't know about at all, nor do I know exactly what this retirement consisted of), but now the administration wants to destroy all references and paraphernalia depicting his likeness.
They're talking about replacing him with...*snicker* Admiral Akbar from the Star Wars franchise. He's the thing that looks like a cross between a slug, a catfish, and a de-shelled crawfish.

My dominant opinion on this topic is, it's a freakin college mascot! Who cares?? I'm not offended when I see a caricature of an old white man in a grey suit prancing around a football field.
As far my feelings about students and fans waving Rebel flags (beloved symbol of the Ku Klux Klan) and shouting, "The South will rise again" after the fight song...well, that's another can of worms for another day.

The biggest argument in the defense of Col. Reb is the whole "Heritage, not hate" thing. And you know what? I can agree with it to a certain extent. If you're tracing your family tree, and your great-great-great-grandfather was a soldier in the Confederate army who was killed in the line of duty, I don't think you should be made to feel ashamed of it. But there is a difference in having a sense of pride about your family history as opposed to going around talking about, "My great (x4) grandpappy owned a passel of slaves back in the Ol South!" (A bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point). Shoot, if I were white, I'd feel some kind of way if a black person said they were descended from Nat Turner and went around bragging about how many whiteys he killed during that particular slave revolt. I'm just saying...

Ok, let me get back on track now...

My point is, I'm willing to bet that there are a number of truly racist things happening at Ole Miss that the administration should be focusing on. Things that can make a tangible difference in the educational experience of a black student at the University of Mississippi. I get offended when I hear of a professor giving black students trouble in the classroom (blatantly or subtly). Or when there is a notable absence of qualified professors of color. Or when minority organizations don't have the same privileges as other orgs. I'm not worried about some stupid mascot that people probably don't even pay attention to during a football game.

The Talk about Kiddies...

I don't want kids. I really don't. There's no feeling of maternal instinct. I don't see people with babies and think, "Oh, I want one of those one day..." Raising a child just isn't appealing to me at all.

And the best thing about it is that my parents are getting to the "we want to be grandparents" stage. Right now, they're pushing my brother more because he's older, but I know if I ever get married, they're going to drive me effing CRAZY. I'll probably have to make a formal announcement to my entire family (grandparents and all) telling them to leave me alone about having children.

Don't get me wrong though, I like kids. I think they're fun, precocious, and hilarious. (Well. Some of them are.) I could get down with being a stepmom, and I'd LOVE to be an aunt...or maybe somebody's godmother. Not the "if we die, you have to raise our child" godmother, though. The type that buys gifts and takes them places.

Women that I know who have kids or want them swear the feeling is going to kick in sometime or another. So am I just going to wake up one random day wanting to birth babies? I'm pretty sure there are a fair amount of women in the world who truly don't want kids, and I could be one of those. It's not impossible. And it's not selfish of a woman to not want kids. It really grinds my gears when people say that. I should have a child just because I have a uterus? No thanks. The world is already overpopulated. I'm going green by not bringing yet another person here who will deplete the ozone layer and contribute to global warming & the loss of fossil fuels.

But, maybe I'll look back on this blog years from now and laugh as I bounce a baby on my knee. Or whatever you would do if you're holding a child and on the computer. Sigh.

I'm Here! Roll out the Pink carpet! :-)

After 2 days and 1 night of trying to decide on a blog title, I'm finally here! (Thanks Micky Noir!) I think my purpose here will be to ramble about my opinions on various subjects...I'll try to keep it coherent, though.
I don't expect to get overly personal with my life (especially not with my relationship...Bey and Jay over here, lol) because that can tend to lead to trouble in one way or another. Methinks I'll occasionally talk about sex, though! :-P And books! And being a young black woman (who apparently talks like a white girl *womp*) in Mississippi!
Hopefully, the novelty of blogging won't wear off for me. I think writing (and reading) can be very therapeutic, even if you're not specifically writing about what's bothering you.
I hope I don't break any blogging "rules"...though folks do say rules are meant to be broken!

What I'm reading now: Needful Things by Stephen King, Triss by Brian Jacques, and Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton