As pledged black Greeks, we are annoyed by an influx of people into our respective organizations who don't have a "love" for it. We complain, we wonder what can be done to change this, we wish above ground pledging could somehow make a comeback.

So, I don't understand it when I see men and women say that if their kids don't pledge whatever org they're in, they won't support it. Just because you're an XYZ, doesn't mean your kid will be drawn to it. And if you force them to try and become a member of your org (and they get in), you've just contributed to yet another person who doesn't have the love, but is a member.

Personally, I'd be proud of my daughter, no matter what org she pledged. It'd be particularly appropriate if she became a Delta *smirk smirk smirk*. But seriously, if my daughter felt for another org what I feel for mine, I'd be behind her 100% (or son, lol).

Maybe that's just me...

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