Kimmy's Weight Loss Plan

So, I completely let blogging go, but now I'm back because I've decided to chronicle my weight loss journey. Even if no one reads it, I think (read: hope & pray) it'll keep me motivated.
My ultimate goal is to lose 20-30 lbs by mid-July, and if I can lose at least a pound a week, I'll hit it.
Generally, I love being short. Anybody who knows me, knows that I'll say that short women are more feminine (no diss to my tall chicas...y'all are all model-y and whatnot). However, it's SUCH a pain when it comes to weight because if you gain, it doesn't have anywhere to spread out (lol) and you're going into bmi overweight/obese territory. As of right now, because of my height, I'm overweight :-( Actually, I'm not that far from technically being obese! Double :-( I think the only thing that's saved me from looking grossly overweight is the fact that most of it went to my booty, thighs, and hips. Yay blackness!
Anyways...being considered "thick" is cool, but I like being smaller better. I still have my figure, but my clothes fit better, my stomach is flat (nobody likes a pudgy tummy), and shopping is more fun. Particularly swimsuit shopping. And I like to wear bikinis. I feel frumpy in a one-piece.
But, most importantly, I've got to do this for my health and well-being. Soooooo many health problems are related to being overweight, one of the biggest being breast cancer. That's what my paternal aunt died from a few years ago and what my paternal grandmother is fighting now. And I tend to take after my dad's side...
Not to mention that both sides of my fam have issues with diabetes, high blood pressure, and (don don don) severe obesity. I'm lucky though, because both my parents are big on weight control. Right now, my mom weighs less that I do, and I feel some kinda way about that, lol. I'm proud of her though.
So, I think i'll close this post here...I'll talk about my exercise regime (and complain about the pain) either later tonight or tomorrow.

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