Some Christians make Christianity look bad.

Today on facebook, I got lightweight ridiculed for asking a question I didn't know the answer to about Christianity and it kinda pissed me the heck off. (People who know me know that angry Kim is very rare.) If you're curious about the entire discussion (and you have me as a fb friend), here's the link:
I really could go on a super rant about ol' dude in particular, but I guess I won't...
I cannot stand stuck-up, pretentious, so-called Christians. Our whole religion is supposed to be about love and kindness and teaching, but when folks come seeking knowledge, they get discouraged in one way or another.
Now, I'm not talking about questioning the existence of God or anything like that...most of my questions and thoughts deal with traditions of the church or faith in action (the power of prayer, etc.). But apparently, some of the things I may ask are "Sunday School 101" and I should delete them...hmph. How am I supposed to learn and grow if I don't ask? And I bet when people have stupid, foolish, superficial stuff in their fb status, you don't tell them to delete it.
/begin rant
If I have something serious in my fb status, don't come on my page being an ass. Contribute something worthwhile or keep your fingers still...then wanna talk about, "I'll be the bad guy if it gets a conversation on this started..." Go away with that martyr crap! You took away from the meaningful convo! You didn't add to it!
/end rant
Sorry. I couldn't help myself, lol. I do feel better though...
At any rate, I reckon (:-P) I'm not supposed to ask questions about religion on my fb page. Fack that. I enjoy reading other people's thoughts and opinions about various subjects (as long as they're coherent and understandable). I think if people were more open to having calm, rational discussion, we'd all learn a lot more.


neenarae said...

ahh. Yes! I had to hold back from checkin mr. smarty pants when i saw the comments :( but folks before me addressed that :) great post

KaNisa said...

See, I was raised Baptist and I've never even heard of sunrise service for easter!

Though 1-6 was in a Michigan Black at 9 out by noon every time.

And 7-14 was in a 2520 at 9:30 out at 11:30...every time.

And Sunday School was included!

(My mother didn't believe in being in church all day...)

Carmel Delight said...

I been in church my entire life and didn't know the answer...but I always am willing to learn and if you are a "true" Christian you should know that you don't know everything. You are suppose to learn, continue to grow. I think some of the most judgmental are in church. That is fact, not me judging but that should not discourage growth in knowledge in faith.

I will not let people dictate my journey in my faith....

OK stepping down from my

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