Exercise: The Bane of My Existence

I love the results of consistent exercise, but I HATE the process. And I truly believe that those people talking about, "Oh, I love working out!" are lying. Cause when you're working out for real, you're in pain. And who likes pain??? Well...some folks do, but that's a whole different type of pain...
Anyhoo, I recently joined a fitness center with a few friends. It's not your typical gym, though. The 4 of us are taking fitness pole dancing classes, and 2 of us signed up for the aerobics classes that they offer. We've been doing the pole dancing for about a month now, and we're about to move into the intermediate level of the classes. However, those classes only meet twice a week and I wasn't doing any serious additional exercise (nor was I watching my diet, but more on that in a future post).
Soooooo, I decided to take advantage of the other classes that are offered and my goodness. They are a BEAST. I literally come out of every class pouring sweat. I'm saying, I look down and sweat has dripped off me onto the floor. I feel like after some significant time passes and if I keep this up, I will quite possibly be in the best shape of my young life.
To give you an idea of the level of exercise I'm trying to be on every week, my schedule is basically like this. I've gotten a Wii, so I do at least an hour of that every single morning. Mon/Wed I do pole dancing, Tues/Wed I do a hip hop cardio dancing class, and Thurs/Sat I do a...well, I guess it's like a hybrid of taebo, boxing, and cardio. Then on the days where I don't have any classes, I do about 2 hours on my Wii instead.
For somebody like me, this is some SERIOUS exercising, but hey, I have a goal that I'm determined to reach by a certain time.
Bikini body on the way! *in Bart Scott voice* CAN'T.WAIT.

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Shawn Gotti said...

Must we tell the world we're taking pole dancing classes?

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